395nm LED UV Light USB Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight 18650 Blacklight Torch

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Product Description

Model: FL10-UV
Material: Aluminum
LED Type: 10W US Luminus UV LED
Light color: 395nm UV LED
Power: 10W  
Battery: 18650
Working voltage 3.0~4.2V
Lumen: /
Runtime: 3~4 hours
Light mode: On/Off
Switch lightime: more than 30000 times 
IP grade IP65
Drop resistance 1.5m
Size: 137*35mm
Weight: 114g (without battery)

Package list :

1*Rechargeable Flashlight
1*18650 battery 
1*USB Cable
1*Hand stirap
1*instruction manual



Common Uses:


1. Detecting Head and Body Lice Eggs (Nits and Eggs reflect ultraviolet light)
2. Hunting scorpions and other insects
4. Fluoresces Gems, Minerals and Fossils
5. Use with UV Automotive Dye to detect Automotive coolant A/C Freon Refrigerant Gas Fluids Leaks (As seen in picture in listing)
7. FIND PET STAINS , Dog or Cat Pee
10. Detecting bodily fluids, which fluoresce when exposed to UV light
11. Checking for counterfeit paper money bills
12. Detect Counterfeit Stamps and Tagging
13. Night time Fishermen- Glow in the Dark Bait (UV light charges Glow)
14. Inspect Vaseline, EAPG, Depression, Uranium, Topaz & Canary Glass
15. Rodent Detection-Find MOUSE or RAT DROPPINGS and URINE
18. Finding food and pet stains on carpeting and other surfaces