NexTool Tactical Pen For Self Defense Glass Breaker Survival EDC Tool

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The Dino Bone tactical pen beautifylly extends the NexTop tactical pen line with its triple strengths in: precision make, tungsten steel head, and Fisher aerospace core, also boldly improving the modern look.


  •  Dragon style for the Confucian man

  • Steely qualities that tungsten can’t deny

  • A wise core in a tough exterior

  • Wildcard pen core, to your taste

The dragon bone pen uses the Fisher outer space pen core equipped with a long rubber cap to protect that powerful pen core, greatly extending the ways that you can write.

The Pallas is NexTool’s new tactical pen designed primarily for female users. Featuring with the powerful Nano-Ceramic striking tip and the craft from precision machined aluminum, the Pallas is durable enough to function as a tough window breaker and self-defence tool. 


  • Nano-Ceramic striking tip, Stout and powerful glass breaker
  • Durable and effective
  • Fisher Space cartridge, writes well in all conditions