Weltool 304 Stainless Steel Strike Bezel Lens For Maglite C / D Cell Flashlight LB03

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Brand: Weltool
Item specifics Material: 304 Stainless Steel
MPN: Does Not Apply
Fit for: Maglite C or D cell flashlight
Model: LB03



Product Description

1. Upgrade Stainless Steel Strike Bezel fits Maglite C or D cell flashlights.

2. Made from an entire steel column with CNC accurate machining, 1.13 times of hardness then 7075 aluminum alloy. It’s much more durable and tougher than aluminum alloy with more impact resistance & corrosion resistance

3. 6 attack teeth design, fits for self-defense or use to shatter the glass in an emergency 

4. Sandblasting surface, more wear proof than aluminum alloy’s anodizing and it’s adaptive for flashlight bodies with different colors.

5. Accurate machining perfectly fits Maglite flashlight.

Package Include:
1*LB03 Stainless Steel Strike Bezel
1*Replacement Lens
1*Protection Case For Lens 
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