Weltool Upgraded Optic Tempered Glass Lens For D & C Cell Maglite Flashlight

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Brand: Weltool
Diameter: 2.04 inches
Type: Tempered Glass Lens
Material: Tempered Glass
Model: GL2
Compatible Brand: Maglite
Thickness: 0.078 inches (2mm)
UPC: 6970683710357

Product Description

    Maglite PRO 2-Cell D LED Flashlight
    Maglite 6-Cell D Flashlight
    Maglite 5-Cell D Flashlight
    Maglite 4-Cell D Flashlight
    Maglite 4-Cell C Flashlight
    Maglite 3-Cell D LED Flashlight
    Maglite 3-Cell D Flashlight
    Maglite 3-Cell C Flashlight
    Maglite 2-Cell D LED Flashlight
    Maglite 2-Cell D Flashlight



    1. Tempered glass with Polished edge which is more smooth. With the coating Scratch Resistant, Extreme Strength

    2. Size: Diameter - 2.04 inches Thickness - 0.078 inch (2mm). Perfectly fit by the test.

    3. Fit for C-Cell and D-Cell Maglite Full-Size Flashlights, such as MAGCHARGER Rechargeable, ML300 series, Maglite 2-6 C/D cell led, Maglite 2-6 C/D cell Incandescent

    4. Clear glass Lens for D & C Mag-Lite. ATTENTION: Not Fit ML100, ML50, ML25 series!

    5. Protective plastic cover included, Well packaged, delivered with an O-ring, it is more waterproof and shockproof.